Best wishes Happy New Year 2024

You are looking for wishes, quotes, greetings, backgrounds, images, messages and gifs Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024? If so, then you are in the right place. Here we provide you with high resolution images and greeting message phrases that you can share with your family and friends.

As you know, at the end of each year, there are two big holidays that come together in one week.
The first is Christmas which is celebrated on December 25 of each year while the second is the New Year which is celebrated on the night between December 31, 2023 and January 1, 2024, events that are celebrated all over the world.
One of the best ways to celebrate this holiday season is to send both Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings to your friends, family and relatives. This is the best time to share your affection and love with your loved ones and show them how important they are in your life.

To make these holidays truly memorable, filled with love and joy, find the best wishes for a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas which are listed below and sent to your loved ones. Celebrate this wonderful time of year with parties, toasts, hugs and a kiss at midnight to celebrate the new 2024 to come.
At Christmas and New Year, you will spend your time with friends, families, lovers and lovers and for those who are far away and must send a thought with a beautiful image to remind them that you care. We have collected many resources for this, search and browse through the pages of our site dedicated to the end of the year. Hoping you enjoy our suggestions with wishes, quotes, images and messages for Christmas and New Year 2024, we wish you happy holidays.

Funny pictures, photos and most hilarious memes of the new year 2024

To wish your friends a happy new year, use images, memes, animated gifs and funny photos to rejoice and smile with them on New Year’s Eve. Don’t be too serious and boring, it is an exciting event so to bring happiness and enjoy the New Year’s Eve party, here is the best humorous collection for greetings 2024, all to share with friends and relatives.


Close humorous cartoon between the old year and the new 2024

Humorous cartoon greeting new year: tight with two fists, the face crushed between the old year and the new 2024.


funny photo two seals are surprised that we are already on New Year's Eve

Funny photo happy new year 2024 with two seals who are amazed, but do you know that we are already on New Year's Eve?


Cartoon 2024: On any occasion, always and in any case before the end of the year wishes

Comic cartoon happy year 2024: On any occasion, always and in any case before the end of the year wishes

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NEW YEAR 2024: New Happy New Year Images

Latest update with new images to create original New Year greeting cards.
New 2024 images, beautiful and original, to download for free for your special wishes.
If you want to print or edit the images, you can download the images, in high resolution in PNG format, free of all rights. For private or commercial use.


Dragon image with happy new year greeting text

2024 according to the Chinese horoscope will be the year of the wooden dragon, a beautiful phrase to share a flow of positive energy.


image clock marking the arrival of 2024

Beautiful image with a clock marking the arrival of 2024 with the words "The new year begins!! and Best Wishes for a happy year".


image with the years passing quickly


Happy New Year 2024 image with text about happiness


happy new year 2024 colorful vintage retro effect image

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Image about God's faithfulness

Image with text: The God who blessed you in 2023 will also sustain you in 2024, His faithfulness does not change

Image with text: The God who blessed you in 2022 will also support you in 2023, His faithfulness does not change Share image

Let's celebrate the magic of Christmas 2023 !

At this time of year, the world is illuminated with a special light. The streets are decorated with flashes of color and the houses are filled with laughter and love. Christmas is a magical moment when hearts open and generosity becomes the most valuable gift.
In every corner of the world, Christmas is celebrated in a unique and special way. Whether it's the tradition of hanging stockings in the fireplace, lighting candles on the Christmas Eve table, or simply sharing a cup of hot chocolate with loved ones, this season fills us with joy and gratitude.

Christmas photo with decorations

Christmas photo with decorations and Merry Christmas wishes

Merry Christmas for instagram

Image optimized for Instagram with Christmas tree decorated with stars and balls in black and white

Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages

image with Christmas text with Christmas tree

Texts and Greeting Cards Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

One of the great things about these events is that people exchange Merry Christmas and New Year cards and cards, which is always a great gesture of love and affection.
You can send your New Year greeting card to your family, friends, teachers, colleagues and other people you know. Some ideas for New Year's cards are:
• Send real New Year cards to friends and relatives with warm wishes for a Happy 2024.
• Husband and wife can exchange a romantic card for the new year on the theme of love and with beautiful wishes, verses or poems written in it.
• New Year's cards can also be sent to your teachers, even via Email or social media with prayers and wishes.

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Photo wishes 2024 for a happy new year

One of the coolest things about this period between December 24th and January 1st is that people exchange Merry Christmas and New Year cards and postcards, which is always a great gesture of love and affection.
You can send your virtual New Year card to your family, friends, teachers, colleagues and other people you know. Here are some of the best ideas for your end of year messages:

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Religious images and Christian texts Merry Christmas and New Year

Best Christian Merry Christmas Cards for Happy Holidays Religious Greetings. Beautiful texts and images on the Nativity for believers and non-believers. He sends his best religious wishes to his fellow believers and family. Messages with biblical verses of Happy New Year 2024. Text of Catholic and Protestant end of year wishes.
On December 25, Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of the world: it is a time of hope and joy. Christmas is the most popular holiday among adults and children today.
Christmas is above all a religious holiday, we remember the birth of Jesus and therefore it is nice to send messages that remind us of this biblical event.
Let's start this new year by expressing our gratitude to God every morning! "continually thanking God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." (Epistle Saint Paul - Ephesians chapter 5, verse 20)

Blessings and Victories

We are happy to serve the Lord with you and we want to continue with our prayers so that this year may be full of blessings and victories!

Old Testament verse

You will rejoice in all the good that the Lord your God has given to you and your family. (Bible: Deut. 26.11)

Spiritual wishes

May this message of spiritual wishes be like a beautiful answered prayer that brings you serenity and family happiness! Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a spiritual New Year 2024 for all your family.

Other religious wishes

Beautiful Christmas Quotes and poetic verses on New Year's Eve

Merry Christmas! This time of year is special for everyone, Christians and non-Christians, and there is a great desire to celebrate and have fun. There are always a lot of expectations and good intentions associated with these days and we sure want to get better. Celebrate Christmas by reading quotes from famous people, beautiful words that can make us understand profound things and help us reflect.
Here you will find a beautiful collection of texts, proverbs, greetings, sayings, phrases, poems and quotes from writers, poets, actors and celebrities from politics and entertainment, all on the theme of Christmas and the New Year.
Share these pearls of wisdom with your friends and family.
If you like poems and poems, for the Christmas and New Year holidays, you will find something interesting here

Christmas Gifts

Tips for Real Christmas Gifts: Forgiveness for your enemy. For an opponent, tolerance. For a friend, your heart. For a customer, a service. To all, charity. For every child, a good example. For you, I respect.
(Oren Arnold)

The most beautiful day of the year

Christmas is here, this Christmas, give real hugs, which warm hearts and bring joy. This is the day of the best memories, the best day of the year.
(Washington Irving)

Gifts of love

Gifts of love and time are certainly the basic ingredients of a real Merry Christmas.
(Peg Bracken)

Infinite years

There are infinite days, months, years in which almost nothing happens. There are minutes and seconds that contain a whole world.
(Jean d'Ormesson)

January 1, 2024

The seven days knock on the door. Each of them tells you: get up! Blowing hot, blowing cold, blowing periods of all kinds, four seasons and their things are divided into the twelve months. At the end of the year, the old porter opens the door and in a much louder voice shouts to all winds: January 1st!
(Pierre Menanteau)

Greetings to our friendship

Let's greet together this new year that ages our friendship without aging our hearts.
(Victor Hugo)

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Humorous animated gifs and funny memes Greetings 2024

Animated and funny Greeting Cards for your wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024. Memes full of humor to personalize and send by e-mail or share on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram.
The best animated gifs of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, with funny animations to wish happy holidays to friends and relatives in an original and unique way. Animated images with fireworks, moving texts to make your end-of-year messages cheerful, dynamic, colorful and fun. Send them on Whatsapp and Messenger chats to friends and groups.

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Free Greeting Cards Best wishes 2024

Collection of personalized virtual greeting cards with beautiful Christmas quotes and messages Original Happy New Year phrases

free greeting postcard 2024 with message: May this beautiful party be full of wonder and love.

A Wish for you

Who brings you in a few words the certainty of a beautiful Christmas day!

greeting postcards Greetings 2024 Best wishes to all my dearest friends in 2024!

On this Christmas day

My sweetest thoughts bring you best wishes for happiness.

Greetings 2024

May Christmas and New Year 2024 leave you with memories with the colors of happiness.

personalized greeting postcard 2024 Happy New Year 2024 to you, whom I love with an unshakable love.

Best wishes

May Christmas and New Year offer you the best!

new year greeting card: Be joyful and happy and life will be very generous.

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Gif glitter Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024

Shimmering glitter images of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024.
Animated gifs, memes 2024 and sparkling glitter for happy new year wishes. Wish your friends a Happy New Year 2024 by sharing these animated GIFs, animated images and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024 gifs.

animated glitter gifs Merry Christmas and Happy 2024 pink and blue

Pink and light blue sparkling glitter

Pink and blue glitter animated image with sparkly text Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024.

Christmas red glitter gif animation

Christmas red glitter gif animation

Animated glitter gif with the text "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024" in red Christmas color and with stars and a black border.

Animated gif with sparkling glitter text

Merry Christmas and Happy 2024

Bright animated gif with black background and "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024" text in gold color with sparkles.

Other Glitter Gif

Happy New Year Gifs 2024 animated

Download free animated gifs of New Year.
Glitter images in animated gifs with their liveliness lend themselves well to creating greetings of all kinds, here are the specific Glitter texts for a happy new year. Graphic and glitter effects on texts with sparkling images of all colors. GIF New Year. Animations must be saved in GIF format to use them.

Glitters animated sparkling text Happy 2024

Sparkling Glitters HAPPY 2024

Animated glitter gif with sparkling stars for New Year's greetings.

animated gif image with fireworks

HAPPY 2024 bright animated gifs

Glitter animated picture with sparkling stars for New Year greetings.

HAPPY 2024 animated text with sparkling stars

Animated Glitters Happy 2024

Glitter animated picture with sparkling stars for the last day of the year.

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Desktop Wallpapers free 2024

Download free happy new year 2024 PC wallpapers in HD.
A collection of the best New Year PC wallpapers available for free download. Our collection of HD images is constantly updated and the images can be used as a wallpaper or home screen for your smartphone or desktop laptop or tablet.

2024 wallpapers with metallic effect text

HD image 2024 text effect metal polished steel

High resolution image with the text "2024" with metallic characters like steel with a shiny satin finish.

2024 text backgrounds with rust effect

HD image 2024 rusty text effect

High resolution image with the text "2024" suitable for backgrounds with rust effect numbers.

2024 text backgrounds with fire effect

HD image 2024 fire-effect text

High resolution desktop wallpaper created with text "2024" in fiery numbers.

Other Wallpapers 2024

Merry Christmas messages and Happy 2024 humorous

Funny messages to send on New Year and Christmas.
Humor helps you change a bad day, a laugh is enough to change your mood!
This is one of the reasons we love these funny quotes and wanted to collect them for you.
What better opportunity than the end of year celebrations to joke about these holidays that sometimes make them stressful.


I love listening to many beautiful Christmas carols singing peace on earth!
The problem is they don't say where!
Merry Christmas!


See, this
it's a Christmas card.
And why do we send Christmas cards?
To say "Merry Christmas".
So what will I tell you? Merry Christmas!


Christmas is truly a magical time.
Suddenly it dissolves all your savings.
And the worst part is that it does it again every year.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2024!

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Humorous pictures of happy new year 2024

The best free funny Happy New Year images for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger.
Cheerful images with funny texts to share with friends for a laugh with friends. Original Happy New Year greeting text with humorous jokes.
In this section you will find the way to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in a very special way, with cheerful and funny images.
I have collected and created very innovative Christmas greeting designs with funny phrases to let friends and family not only greet you but also a smile.
Each Christmas card has its own theme, some have Christmas trees illuminated by colored lights, others have colored decorations and some have champagne bottles, stemware and fireworks to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024 to all those who wish, but always in a humorous and light-hearted tone.

Funny corkscrew doing gymnastics

Christmas workouts

Humorous image with corkscrew for training to do during the holidays, ready to uncork the bottles of sparkling wine and champagne to celebrate between Christmas and New Year

bra with the classic colors of Santa Claus

Happy holidays from santa claus

A very special Christmas decoration, a bra with the classic colors of Santa Claus.

A beautiful cat with glasses and glass wishes you happy holidays

Happy holidays from the cat

A cute cat on an armchair with sunglasses, champagne and a glass to toast, wishes you happy New Year's holidays

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