200+ Texts and greeting cards to send Happy New Year 2024 to your loved ones

In December, a lot of visitors browse our site searching for keywords such as: New Year's sms, New Year's greetings, New Year's greetings cards, New Year's verses, Happy New Year's greetings. Finding new ideas and being on the hunt for the very latest message (new to you, but to the recipient?), My advice is very simple: honesty is the best solution, so it will be much better if you write something from the heart rather than to copy a greeting already used 100 times.
Despite the above conclusion, these happy holidays greeting texts can help you, to elaborate, personalize and regenerate:

Image with 2024 looking at 2023, now finished

Image with 2024 looking at 2023, now finished

Beautiful image on a dark background and 2024 in colored 3D with the number one on the floor, now finished.
See and download for free this image in high resolution PNG.

Happy New Year Wishes For Friends

1. There are days and moments full of happiness and grace when we close our joyful eyes and silently wish them never to pass. Such days in the new year should banish suffering! Let laughter, love, world peace take control of the heart; life will be better.

2. All that is bad, let it fade with the new year! All that is good, may it remain forever! May happiness gently embrace you in peace! Good luck in 2024.

3. Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year 2024!

4. I wish you health and success at work in the year 2024, and the fulfillment of all hidden and less hidden desires.

5. Even when it is most difficult for you, there is a ray of hope for happiness. Allow him to accompany you in the year to come. Happy New Year 2024!

6. For the new year, I don't know what it will bring, I think I will look at it during the year and say how good it was.

7. So much health and joy without sadness and suffering, 2024 times more for next year!

8. Merry and beautiful Christmas, health and personal satisfaction in the coming year.

9. With the year drawing to a close and looking forward to a new one, it is a time to wish us a happy new year. I wish you all happy holidays, personal happiness, health and a happy new year.

10. Don't look back! Because you find it more beautiful than when it was. Look no further! Because everything seems better to you than it will be when it happens. Be aware of the present! I just wish you that everything that awaits you in the future will suit you. Happy New Year 2024.

11. It is useless to look back, and at my age, with the cervical it became really very painful!

12. May these days of celebration see more Christmas lights extinguished and more bright people.

13. I want you to find happiness where you seek it and need it most. This is expected to happen in the year 2024.

14. A warm heart and laughter in your eyes, we sincerely wish you these countless days of health and happy events in abundance.

15. May more youth, more love flow in your heart, in your veins, in your head, so that the drunk or sober find reconciliation with themselves and with the world, and this new 2024 calendar, if valid, may give you a happy year. !

16. A pleasant time of family events and harmony is coming. I wish you to spend it and experience it in a happy environment. Your step into the new year 2024 should not be uncertain, but solid and reliable with the hope of a bright future!

17. On the days when we greet the old and look forward to the new, we also join in the good wishes. We wish you happy holidays and, in the new year 2024, lots of health, happiness, contentment and peace.

18. May the peace of Christmas Eve fill your hearts every day of the year 2024.

19. The best time of the year is approaching. Time dedicated to family, friendship, to all those who are close to us. we wish you a healthy and successful 2024.

20. To be greeted, never forgotten, written in the heart, never canceled. Happy New Year to you.

Elegant image with 2024 forming a cup where champagne is poured to toast the new year

Elegant image with 2024 forming a cup where champagne

Perfect greeting card pictures : Let’s toast to yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s bright future.
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Special Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Wishes

21. Our wishes for you are that all good thoughts and wishes in the new year come true.

22. The new year opens the door, the thought of the future, the imagination is stirred, starting with a laugh, ending with a laugh. In the meantime, may the race be happier tomorrow!

23. May the coming year bring you happiness, health and make all your dreams come true. With my best wishes.

24. Living means stopping where the sun shines. As much sunshine as possible in the new year 2024.

25. Much quiet happiness at Christmas, and in the New Year an abundance of beauty, especially health and personal satisfaction.

26. We see nothing coming, but we all know and feel it. Some are drifting away and others are reaching our hearts. May the year 2024 bring you so much happiness and health.

27. May fate lovingly weave the days of the new year. Let him choose the moments carefully, let him carefully pave the way so that it is beautiful for you.

28. There is no more time to sit together and exchange a few warm and pleasant words. But the thought of you is just as strong. And the desire for your health and happiness stronger every day. It is fair to say this in anticipation of the new year.

29. Just in two words: Health, happiness! But there is only one desire: health and happiness can be eternal! Best wishes.

30. Happiness first reveals itself in his eyes, because his laughter shines more beautifully in them. Happy New Year 2024.

31. Every word, every look, every action and every smile can bring happiness to other people. Every moment can be a new beginning. Great hopes are created by great people, so let's happily move into the new year 2024. In order for many expectations to come true for you and your loved ones, best wishes.

32. Like lightning, the years disappear into the eternity of time. I sincerely wish that your moment with the year 2024 will be marked by: health, happiness, peace and many successes.

33. We sincerely wish you a peaceful and blessed Christmas. May the new year be bountiful with health, joy, happiness, success, may it be spent in peace, trust and cooperation.

34. Let it bring a new time, all that the old year has lost. Love, goodness, happiness, health and joy. So many simple but true words and that no one strays from the right path.

35. The new year is upon us, winter is already turning. We wish you good health and happiness with the new year.

36. A child - a miraculous creature. Warm, sincere, curious, playful, full of laughter and quite contagious. Treat yourself to being a kid at least a couple of times a year. It will be miraculous.

37. Happiness is the happiest size, smell and shape. And it's never too much for that lucky nose twist. Good luck.

38. I wish you to always have happiness with you to be able to give it to those who need it. I wish you a healthy and happy new year 2024.

39. We wish you happy holidays and personal happiness and health in the new year.

40. May the New Year be kind to you and may it meet your expectations.

Cheerful and colored image of red and yellow for your wishes for a happy 2024

Cheerful and colored image of red and yellow

Image "HAPPY 2024" to send greetings to your friends with joy for the end of the year
See and download for free this image in high resolution PNG.

Happy New Year Messages for an Amazing 2024

41. We turn on the lights to make it easier for us to walk on the right path. Happy New Year 2024.

42. Let a good, friendly wind blow into your sails next year.

43. He is rich who is happy in heart and soul. I wish you such wealth for the whole new year.

44. May Christmas bring you lots of happiness and good dreams, and may the new year come to life, full of joy without tears and worries.

45. Even in the new year, let your step be resounding, your word courageous, your life sparkling, creative and full of warm moments.

46. Good luck, for that happiness that awaits you somewhere, on a universal date. Happy New Year.

47. Happy New Year, joyful and trouble free, if something comes to worry you, let yourself be overflowed with health, joy, and love.

48. When the party lights come on in the midst of a cold white winter, friendship warms our hands and desire rises from the deep heart; All that is bad, let it fade with the new year! All that is good, may it remain forever! All that is good, let it grow and bloom! May happiness gently embrace you in festive peace!

49. May this be the most beautiful year with a lot of sun, with a lot of luck, may it be imbued with success, may it come in peace and end in peace! Happy 2024.

50. May the New Year bring you much happiness, health and love. Happiness is: finding the balance between possibilities and desires.

51. The last night of December, New Year's Eve, should take away everything you want to forget, and the first morning of January should bring you everything you want and hope for!

52. May Christmas bring you lots of happiness and beautiful dreams and may the new year come to life full of joy, without tears and worries. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024.

53. Everyone matures in silence, slowly and over the years, but wherever he goes, all paths must start over. I wish you much health, happiness and success in the new year.

54. May the night of December 31st take away everything you want to forget and may the first morning of January bring you two words: be happy!

55. Whoever is willing to give without receiving is worthy to receive, that's why you receive so many gifts every year. Happy Holidays.

56. Since we cannot see each other due to the distance, let this cold winter bring you our sincere wishes and family happiness.

57. There is a law of nature, wonderful and mysterious that the three things man desires most: happiness, freedom and peace of mind, are always obtained by giving them to someone we love in the heart. Happy New Year to you!

58. At Christmas we expect everything too much. Everything should be magical. Nothing can go wrong: a dinner, a party, an exceptional gift. Happy waiting. Take it easy. Love is the right thing to do. Everything else is a fake shimmer. Much love in the new year.

59. What blessing from heaven must be received in order to be satisfied? Everything is magical in this holiday season, open your heart and accept what comes down from above. I wish you a healthy, happy and successful new year.

60. Take a little from the mind and a little from the heart, wrap it all together with kindness and place it on your loved one in contemplation and in the heart. A recipe for happiness for 2024.

Image to send as wishes to your relatives and friends with a nice positive message of happy holidays

Image wishes to your relatives and friends

Text Image Greeting Cards: Here is to the new year. I hope we will conquer it with love and celebration.

New Year Wishes and Messages for 2024

61. We wish you joy and goodness during these holidays, when we share common thoughts and desires, and in the new year, health, happiness, love and peace.

62. When our thoughts drift far back, to a corner of a forest clearing or snowy orchard that we saw one happy day, we feel like we've just touched happiness. Happy New Year to you.

63. A kind word warms every soul. Happy New Year 2024.

64. In December a thousand lights come on, in December the street shines bright, in December the light shines on the Christmas tree, in December I wish you: may the new year have a look like warm blue eyes. In them are heaven, dreams and happiness for all people.

65. I wish you the best. Good luck and many blessings - the new year will bring you all of this.

66. In the evening, a quiet and diligent hand delicately weaves a smooth thread, weaving beautiful patterns full of dreams and imagination, as if the thread of life is being woven. It combines good wishes in stars, shapes happiness in the sun and then pours flowers of hope on the hem of white lace. May such a loving destiny weave days into the new year. Wisely, the moments must be chosen carefully, the path must be undertaken.

67. Write in your heart that every day is the best day of the year.

68. Wishes health, happiness and joy full days in the new year.

69. I wish you the warmest of the new year.

70. I wish you happy days in the new year.

71. Is each day made up of unique moments? real and each of them has a special taste of nostalgia, joy, expectations. Happy New Year 2024.

72. Let this wish be like a spark that ignites when knowledge and love, spirit and heart meet. Good luck with this 2024.

73. Happiness is closer than you think. You wish you find happiness and maintain your health in the new year.

74. On New Year's Eve, my wishes are to be able to share happiness with you.

75. With the new year, may you love so much and the sun will rise in your life; bright and warm to make everyone around you feel good.

76. May the new year reveal happiness in your eyes, because her smile shines more beautifully in them.

77. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and health and happiness in 2024.

78. We wish you to be filled with peace and warmth during these days of celebration, so that every night of the next year, calm, filled with bright stars, will turn into a happy morning. I wish you all the best for the year 2024.

79. I wish you much health, happiness, joy and good times.

80. We wish you happy holidays and all the best for the new year.

Image with a beautiful message to fill the heart with cheer in the days of the end of the year and wish happy holidays to your loved ones and faithful friends.

Image with a beautiful message to fill the heart with cheer

Text Image Greeting Cards: May the warmth and joy of Christmas fill your heart with happy cheer. Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2024

Best wishes for merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024

81. The New Year is approaching, in which we always wish you all the best, every year, so even if this time things have not changed, we wish you all the best, as always, we also hope that they will come true and so will be the last. time!

82. Next year should also be a year of fulfillment of all wishes. Even the stars from above want it.

83. Only once and never again does 2024 occur, but the wish should remain special for every day!

84. When the lights turn on joyfully when around us full of joy there will be a new year you are accompanied by this one desire: all the problems for the new year go dissolve, all that has been good for you remains. all that is beautiful, may arise in our life, may the joy of happiness gently embrace you.

85. Instead of a thousand personal wishes, let it be true, knowing that only change is eternal, so let's value time. As wide as a river bed, the real challenge is in the choices. May happiness be eternal.

86. We wish you the year 2024 to give you lots of good times, lots of health, success and personal satisfaction.

87. Wish you lots of endless sunshine in the new year.

88. Happiness is in the world because we share it with others. Happy New Year 2024.

89. I wish you a Happy New Year because I love you.

90. Never back, look to the future, forget work and worries, joy in the new year to find out what you want.

91. Life is just such, it changes continuously. Every crisis, every difficult moment in life also brings something good. Use it! Happy New Year 2024.

92. The best time of the year is approaching. A time when we remember the past and anticipate the future. A time when the desire for happiness, health and success moves from heart to heart. May everyone's dreams come true, your wishes come true and your expectations fulfilled. Happy New Year 2024!

93. In the new year, your life should be focused on higher goals, giving work and relaxation the right value, the awareness that life is not random and in vain.

94. Let yourself be connected in the year 2024 with beautiful thoughts and sincere wishes to enrich everyday life.

95. From A to Z every day of the year 2024 wants you: Attractive Beautiful Calm Rich Flourishing Prodigal Generous Unique Fine Brilliant Grateful Playful Clear Cultural Beautiful Sparkling Natural Remarkable Proud Gorgeous Bright Charming Warm Creative Confident Satisfied.

96. The right way is the way of the heart, everything else is curved. May you take this road without hairpin bends in the new year.

97. Every word, every look, every action and every smile can bring happiness to other people. Every moment can be a new beginning. Great hopes are created by great people, so let's joyfully go into the new year 2024, for many expectations to come true for you and your loved ones, do you want it?

98. Moments of happiness, good thoughts and experiences should lead you to personal satisfaction and success in the new year.

99. The new year is upon us, so I'm in a hurry, I wish you the best and I'm going in, are you following me?

100. I wish you a happy new year, full of health, happiness and joy.

A short message for a Merry Christmas.

image with text: May you have the best Christmas.

Text Image Greeting Cards: May you have the best Christmas.

New year wishes ideas in 2024

101. My New Year's greeting is short; God bless you with health and happiness.

102. I wish you a good harvest of happiness and health in the coming year.

103. Let Santa Claus equip you with all that is beautiful.

104. The coming year is here, the current one is about to start. Let love and health lead you and bring you a sack full of happiness.

105. Let the twinkle of the colored lights of December beautify the little moments of time, let the magic of winter nature darken the black thoughts, let you meet the warmth and sincerity of words all year round, let happiness whisper a celebrated tune about our friendship. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.

106. The new year is a stranger. It will be nice to meet him, trust him, but don't expect too much. The old year is almost over, don't look back and don't chase the new one: let yourself be surprised.

107. What awaits us behind the doors of the holidays when time jokingly crosses the annual threshold? The morning will shine with sunshine, will it be sent to us with soft feathers, will the new times be golden?

108. They will be golden if we gild the gray of everyday life with honest work and kindness, breathe beauty into it with laughter and sincerity, tenderness, happiness, peace, warmth with sincere friendship. We wish you these times - golden times - in the new year!

109. All that is in the power of nature and reason should be set in the new year so that life is pleasant and the work you do is successful. With best wishes for the coming year 2024.

110. The year is back again, we wish you good luck, but above all health and joy, this is our heart's desire.

111. May health serve you in the new year, to be successful in abundance; that luck would always accompany you, that in 2024 you would have a really peaceful moment. Do you want it ??

112. We wish you that the mysterious joy of the nativity scene will also touch your family and, in the new year 2024, will you be accompanied by the happiness and blessing of God.

113. May Christmas time, a time of peace, make your heart happy and may the year 2024 endow you with joy, happiness and love!

114. The new year is a new sheet, white and clean in the book of time, on which I write my wishes, peace, love and joy. The secret of Christmas Eve, health and happiness should always accompany you in the year 2024.

115. We see nothing coming, but we all know and hear, some of us greet us, but others join us. Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year!

116. Christmas, you are truly celebrating the new year, rejoice in the depths of your heart, because there is no better Christmas if Jesus is born in our hearts! We wish you a happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

117. There is only one Christmas a year, one evening is holy, but let his message guide the whole year! We wish you so from the bottom of our hearts!

118. A warm home, happiness in your eyes, a smile on your face, can accompany you throughout the year and in these holidays.

119. Just me and many of you, surrounded only by the glow of the New Year's light, are we as if we are all gathered together? are we solid proof of the richness of friendships? so thank you for many little things that do not seem to exist during the year, but in the warmth of the new year we know them: friends.

120. A moment of realization. 2024 is upon us! An inventory of me, of you, of all people. Thanksgiving is a quiet and kind thought; a warm and firm handshake, for all that has been good. Regret - heartache, sincere apology - all that caused pain fade away. WISHES: that the strength, the sparkle and the will of the spirit of all of us give us to satisfy even the most hidden hope of each individual.

Elegant image with purple and gold colors, for formal and professional greetings

Elegant image with purple and gold colors, for formal and professional greetings

Text Image Greeting Cards with a big 2024 and a small message: Wish you a Happy Holiday!
See and download for free this image in high resolution PNG.

Formal happy new year wishes

121. The time has come! How fast, how inexorably! I am reading old wishes and see to pay all my dues, I want a different 2024. I wish everyone happy, healthy and successful new times!

122. May the new year be kindled with love and friendship, filled with little surprises and surprising joys. Unexpected little gifts, touching and wonderful hugs, whispered thanks and baby kisses.

123. I wish you that the house is firm, that the vine gives wine, that the herds multiply, that the apple trees can barely bear their load of good fruit, that the old songs be sung, healthy and happy. God give you a happy, beautiful, young and healthy new year. And if you don't have vineyards, orchards, farms, then I wish you success, health and happiness, make it enough !!

124. You are one of those people whose company I particularly appreciate because you radiate positive energy and your zest for life is truly communicative. For me you are not just an acquaintance, you are a person who has a lot of importance and Christmas seems to me a particularly good time to express it with a lot of tenderness.

125. Unfortunately, last year's recipe which included hectograms of joy, Kg. Of happiness, a pinch of good humor, etc., failed, it burned in the oven. Could you send me another easier recipe to make for 20241? I am not a master cook. Thanks.

126. The peace, joy and health of Christmas should accompany you into the new year and give you the will and courage for mutual understanding and good deeds.

127. On the night of Christmas, God's love became a light. Now it is our task to carry on the light of that night to the last corners of our world. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024.

128. For the upcoming Christmas holidays, we wish you to celebrate them beautifully, in health and happiness. Equally also the upcoming New Year 2024.

129. My thoughts are wandering among sincere people, among friends. You are part of it. I send you best wishes from the heart, and live as much happiness as possible in the next holidays. I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

130. Happiness isn't in your head, it doesn't come from heaven and it's not even if you have a mountain of gold. Happiness is if the job is done right and if you love someone. Happy New Year 2024.

131. When it's midnight, don't ask what I'm going to do now? Invite Joy, happiness and all beautiful things, rejoice.

132. May the coming year be bountiful with success, love and health, and may honey and wine always flow from your tables.

133. We wish you a healthy and happy new year and, above all, the pleasure of the year 2024.

134. From the silver cup, the departing days flow into the golden horizon. Dressed in a sheen of wisdom, let 2024 be your year.

135. I wish you happy holidays and business and personal success in health and happiness in the coming year.

136. Holidays full of joy, happiness and warmth and full personal and business success from New Year to coming New Year.

137. To meet the right path, the right people, do the right things and find only good things in yourself and in others, do you want it for New Year? Best wishes, may it be so!

138. May the good things that happened to you this year follow you into the year 2024 and may new things happen to you!

139. Silent expectations of happiness during the holidays and lots of health and happiness in the coming year.

140. A drug that overcomes all diseases is worth more than one that expels a single disease. To live long, all healthy, happy to endure any misfortune through the medicine of happiness!

Greeting card for the end of the year wishes with encouraging text for 2024

Greeting card for the end of the year wishes

Text Image Greeting Cards: This bright New Year 2024 is given me to live each day with zest to daily grow and try to be my highest and my best.

New Year Greetings & Messages for 2024

141. I want the years to come to be remembered only with beautiful and memorable moments.

142. Happy Holidays, a warm and safe home and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

143. May the year ahead of you spend in happiness, health and mutual understanding.

144. Many healthy and happy days to spend a peaceful year.

145. May your steady and steadfast step go through the new year in the best possible way. Have a good year!!

146. The new year brings us special joy and hidden desires. May the coming year fulfill many of the hidden desires for you!

147. Let the new year 2024 blaze new paths for you to happiness and success. Happy New Year!

148. May the coming year bring you much health, happiness and well-being. If there are other wishes, they are already included in the first three.

149. There are few holidays that reach the heart and soul, marked by some inner turmoil, by the expectation of something beautiful from a fairytale. Holidays, when we become human again, when we shake hands, we wish each other the best, we wish each other happiness, health and family warmth.

150. Take the happiness that is offered to you in the year 2024, along with a touch of joy, a handful of personal satisfaction.

151. May all the hopes and wishes that live in your hearts come true for you in the next year.

152. Wish you and your loved ones all the best for the coming year!

153. Happiness, health and many personal pleasures in the new year 2024!

154. May the dawn of the new year bring you stormless days, fulfill your little wishes! Happy holiday and lots of health, happiness and pleasant moments in the year 2024.

155. Good luck, health and peace. Warmth and personal satisfaction. So many new and encouraging ones, achieved and won. Let all insurmountable obstacles become surmountable, all that was too far away, attainable, all that was impossible, possible, all that we did not have, and even if it does not materialize, let it remain in the spirit of hope, perseverance and courage. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings.

156. Goodbye old year, for some beautiful for others less. But before you leave, let me give you back what isn't hers!

157. They say the day is known after morning, so let the year 2024 start well.

158. I wish you 12 worry-free months, 53 weeks of happiness, 365 disease-free days, 8760 hours of fun, 525600 minutes of good times and 315360000

159. Take twelve months, cleanse them of all bitterness, greed, foolishness and fear, and divide each month into thirty or thirty-one parts respectively, so that all together will suffice for a year. Take one to two thirds of the joy and humor each day separately. Three spoons full of optimism, a spoonful of tolerance, a pinch of irony and a pinch of consideration must be added. Sprinkle everything abundantly with love. Decorate the prepared dish with bunches of small attentions and serve with serenity.

160. He comes, enchants us with his silence and spreads a veil over us with sweet goodness, with warm grace, leading us away, luminous antiquity, into the landscape of beautiful dreams. YEAR 2024. A year of hopes and expectations, news and changes, great events and new beginnings. May all your expectations be met, may your beginnings be enjoyable, may they be as many as possible, and may they bring you a lot of personal satisfaction.

Greeting card with glasses full of sparkling wine to toast at midnight for the new year

Greeting card with glasses full of sparkling wine to toast at midnight for the new year

Elegant image Happy New Year for professional and business greetings, with two glasses and a large 2024 in 3D.
See and download for free this image in high resolution PNG.

New year wishes for loved one

161. Let a smile bring sparks to your eyes, let the fire ignite and bright lights, this year that time haunts quietly, and it is right that everyone now dreams of happiness. Let the dream become the truth tomorrow and let the joy spread across the sky like a bird. Love and health, may the fields flourish and all be accompanied by a strong will. we hope that in the new year the voice of the heart will continue to guide you in the search for what cannot be said in words.

162. A warm hearth and happiness in your eyes, I sincerely wish you in the holidays that countless health and happy moments, in abundance, will pour out the new year for you.

163. May Christmas bring you lots of happiness and loving dreams, and may the new year 2024 come to life, without tears and worries.

164. It's winter again, it's cold again, it's Christmas time again to take your worries off, and in the new year it just gives you health and happiness.

165. Christmas is approaching, the new year is approaching, may it give you health and remove all worries.

166. All that is bad should vanish with the new year and all that is good should come to life in the new year.

167. The old year is greeting you, the new year will come to bring you happiness, to make you beautiful.

168. When the New Year's lights go out, everyone in their heart should make a wish. may the new year be kind, may the people in it be kind, may the thoughts be good and may the heart be merry.

169. New year, new sheet, in the pure white book of time, let me express these wishes to you: PEACE, LOVE and JOY!

170. All that the old year has lost, let the new time bring, Love, health and joy, these are my New Year's greetings.

171. New Year's greetings, dreams are hidden, New Year's greetings are little secrets, let them become nostalgia and laughter, let happiness find a way, right for everyone !!!

172. Let this Holy Child touch your life at Christmas. May God be with you. He refuses to come by force. Ask yourself to take it with you. he wants to be with you: in the fatigue of your daily life, in the difficulties and successes, when everyone applauds you and when no one understands you. Accept it with a simple heart! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

173. Two thousand twenty-one years ago a man was born in Nazareth. Let's celebrate his birth on Christmas Eve and exchange gifts of love.

174. I don't have a present for you, I probably won't even celebrate with you, but I can wish you much joy for Christmas, happiness and success in the year 2024.

175. Months passed, a natural circle closed. We will all be older again for a year or so. GOOD LUCK 2024!

176. For your family to reunite, all quarrels cease, greetings from all the people you love. Laughter, little nonsense, hugs, kisses, pleasant memories. With all our hearts we wish you this Christmas, as being warm in the middle of the cold winter, a ray of light in the dark. Happy New Year 2024!

177. The people who walked in darkness saw a great light and a light shone upon the inhabitants of the land of the shadow of death. Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year 2024!

178. Christmas returns as a sweet song. Christmas trees, colored candles, snowflakes, nativity scenes, we say goodbye, souls calm down, we expect midnight. Happy New Year 2024!

179. May the new year bring you faith, because in Him there is heaven, dreams and happiness for all people. In the new year 2024, I wish you the best you wish.

180. We wish you a great deal of the best things that can't be bought, or wrapped anywhere, and good luck wherever the path takes you into the new year.

Image with Christmas tree with message for someone you love

Image with Christmas tree with message for someone you love

Text Image Greeting Cards : Under the Christmas tree, there are many gifts, but the best of them all is you. Merry Christmas!.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Wishes

181. May Christmas open all doors to warmth, may the happy time begin for you. But may the year ahead give you health, happiness and love in a bottomless cup!

182. A dose of wisdom, a touch of madness, for a glass of health and lots of love, mix with care and enjoy the new year with feeling.

183. Christmas is the most famous birthday. It is the feast of happiness, joy and above all love! May your Christmas, my dear, be the most wonderful there is and the greatest joys flood your heart with joy. These are the wishes that I express to you that have brought me so much and that I want to see happy throughout the year!

184. Friendship is not born like this, simply from one day to the next without having to invest a little of yourselves. In reality we need to put trust in it to tame it, certain time to strengthen it and more availability, to allow it to flourish fully and also to develop. May these wishes testify to this beautiful friendship and contribute a little to brighten up the day.

185. We can only appreciate a beautiful friendship that we can share with someone like you, because it is both surprising moments and moving moments, but above all it is a certain pleasure and an endless happiness!

186. May so many smiles chase away sadness. May boldness help you realize all your projects. May confidence dispel all your doubts. May the throat allow you to bite into life. May generosity bring happiness every day of the year. May happiness help you move forward and achieve your goals. I wish you a wonderful year.

187. Remaining tenderly united, today as yesterday, you have been able to give all your loved ones a beautiful example of the harmony, love and spirit of sharing that we would so much like to see reign over the whole Earth.

188. In our parts, so pampered by winter, we wish you in chorus a Christmas full of a thousand sweets, as well as a next year full of successes. Above all, we wish you good health so that you can enjoy the best that life has to offer!

189. When I look at the star of the tree, I think of you and the good times we had together. I hope we will see each other more often this year.

190. Hey, it's almost time! It's time for the elves to fill Santa's basket. It's time for him to harness his reindeer. Time to decorate the tree and make the nativity scene. Hope Santa arrives on time with everything you ordered!

191. All our family wish you a wonderful year 2024. May your days be sunny, your dreams sweet, your wishes come true and your hopes carry you to the top. Enjoy the coming new year!

192. At this time of year we bring out our best gifts. And each decoration has its own story or remembers past Christmases. To the new memories that will start this year!

193. It is together that we come, with all the gratitude and affection, to wish you from the bottom of our hearts, many small pleasures and health for the whole year, also adding, dear mother, our most tender feelings.

194. So many beautiful moments in my life are related to your presence that I didn't want to miss this wonderful opportunity to express all my affection to you.

195. The holiday season gives us the opportunity to take a break from our daily tasks and worries, to give a little more space to human and spiritual values. Solidarity, generosity, inner peace, hope for the best.

196. May the year that begins be full of joy and serenity. Receive our best thoughts.

197. "Welcome aboard this new year! Flight schedule: lots of happiness, but also joy and iron health. Our company "Greetings 2024" offers you serenity and pacification. Let's take off! Our flight will last 365 days . "

198. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for the quality of the work you have done this year, in often difficult circumstances. Thanks also for the constant support you have been able to give me in my duties.

199. It's midnight! You must certainly share laughter and happiness with the people you care about! Your belly should be full, just like your glass of champagne. But don't abuse it, because tomorrow morning you will regret it! I send you my best wishes for this new year.

200. It is with all my heart that I wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and a happy and beautiful, peaceful and warm 2024.

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