Coloring pages Happy New Year 2024 for kids

Coloring pages for the New Year 2024 will allow children to feel and touch the holiday season and the end of the year. New Year’s Eve, together with Christmas, are the most popular holidays for children, for the little ones it is a fabulous time and magic reigns everywhere.
The coloring pages that you will find on this page will introduce children to the New Year celebrations, but also to learn the classic traditions and symbols of the New Year, choose the most beautiful New Year 2024 drawing for your child, print the image and color it together! All models are free.
The New Year’s coloring images will allow children to actively participate and fully enjoy the holidays with parents, help the little one by coloring the images with bright and festive colors and making fabulous and magical holidays.

Coloring page: The little year is coming

The New Year is often represented by a newborn baby who is going to replace the old year retiring. This design contains just the new year, just born, which comes happy to celebrate 2024. Download it, print it and color it with your kids or with your students, if you are a teacher. Happy New Year 2024!!

Coloring page The little year is coming

Click on the drawing The little year is coming, to enlarge it and download for free the coloring drawing in PDF format.

Soon we will all celebrate the new year 2024 together, which means that we already have to start preparing and creating the festive atmosphere and waiting for the New Year, and funny and interesting coloring pages will help us do that.
With the beautiful images representing the symbols of the coming year: fireworks, toast with champagne, hats and decorations, a dragon (2024 is the year of the dragon according to the Chinese horoscope, and it is a fantastic figure that children like), you can create a festive atmosphere, decorate a room, a house, a group in kindergarten, a class at school, or make excellent New Year greeting cards to give to family and friends, You can write a dedication to parents on New Year’s Eve to make the card more personal.
Just Download or print your favorite coloring images for free directly from our site and you can start coloring.
The download of the drawings is in PDF format, therefore easily printable with all printers, without the need for special programs. Happy New Year.

Coloring page happy new year wishes 2024

Stars, fireworks and firecrackers to color in this coloring page for children, with wishes inserted in a bow and a big 2024, which can also be colored with joy and imagination.

Coloring page happy new year wishes 2024

Click on the Happy New Year 2024 coloring page to enlarge it and download the black and white PDF coloring page for free.

New Year's Eve coloring page and printable

It's hard to imagine a child who doesn't like drawing and coloring. And this is not surprising, because games and creative activities are of great importance for a child's development.
Coloring pages for children help the child to learn more about the world around him , introduce the child to all the variety of colors, shades, consolidate knowledge about the shape of objects and sizes. The process of coloring pictures develops fine motor skills and teaches the child perseverance and accuracy. Furthermore, coloring educates the little ones to aesthetic taste and instills love for art.
In addition to coloring, the child develops creative activities. In these games the child will be able to fully express his imagination and draw his own image using simple and practical tools.
Our free end of year coloring pages for boys and girls are sure to bring fun and joy to your little one this festive season. All images are specially selected for children of preschool and primary school age - they are funny drawings with greeting messages for New Year 2024. Coloring pictures will help you and your child to have fun and useful time during Christmas and New Year holidays!

Coloring page 2024, the year of the wood dragon

According to the Chinese horoscope the zodiac sign for 2024 is the year of the wooden dragon, for children this fantastic figure is always very popular, we have prepared this drawing for the new year.

Chinese astrological coloring page 2024 the year of the dragon

Click on the image "2024, the year of the dragon", to enlarge it and download the coloring page for free in PDF format.

What are coloring pages for?

Which of the children doesn't like to draw, paint everything that comes his way: dad's papers, walls, doors, himself?
Coloring pictures are not only interesting but also perform a useful activity. Coloring helps the child to expand his knowledge of the world around him, get acquainted with color and shape, master the technique of neat shading (suggest carefully paint over the element first along the edge and only then to shade it fully), gain experience in the features of working with pencils and paints, develop fine motor skills, give more gentle strokes, which in the future will help him solve his problems when mastering writing. Working with colored pencils and brushes helps your child develop color perception, exercise fine motor skills and gain experience in understanding perspective. The coloring pages introduce the little man to the art of painting. Also, in the process of coloring, the visual and kinesthetic channels perform informational work by developing interaction. And, of course, the child experiences positive emotions.
Coloring drawings will teach your child to manage hand movements when drawing. Younger children starting to draw don't really follow the edges of the paper and often their colors will "smear" sometimes partially and sometimes completely onto the table. on the floor and on your precious wallpapers.
Coloring pages help your child understand the laws of the world and embody their own discoveries about colors. If your child painted a crocodile crimson or purple, don't scold him. Maybe he has his own opinion about this, ask him (by the way, this approach allows you to identify color blindness in a child at an early age). You can start coloring pictures from one and a half years of age. For such children there are special coloring pages where you need to draw not with brushes and pencils, but with your own hands. Arm yourself with finger paints (a lot of patience) and let's go!
In such colorings, the drawings are extremely simple and understandable. Make sure the objects shown are familiar to the baby, such as a ball, rattle, spinning top, apple, etc. Drawings should have a large outline - about 1 centimeter. For such a contour it will be difficult to get out of the child's uncertain hand. This hides natural mistakes and gives self-confidence. Image edges should be smooth, with no sharp corners or curves.
Choose coloring pages where all the images are accompanied by text. This will help introduce your child to a gaming situation, spark their interest in coloring and broaden their understanding of the world around them.
When coloring, the child can complete the drawings with a variety of details to his liking. Decorate toys with polka dots or stripes, paint a leash for a dog and a perch for a parrot, feed a mouse some cheese or draw rocks and seaweed around the fish.
By the age of 4, children are already quite experienced "artists". They are more confident and smooth with the brush, paint with pleasure. Coloring pages are perceived as already created images that require a color solution. And that's why they decide not to draw freely, like 2-3 year olds, but to paint, acting on a given contour, trying to repeat its turns.
Unfortunately, many modern coloring pages are compiled without taking into account the age, interests and abilities of children. But there are so many on the web and so much different that one can only get lost in them. Often the pictures to color for the little ones are overloaded with details, complicated for recognition and unattractive. They do not support interest in drawing and do not give impetus to independent creativity.

How to determine if coloring pages are right for your child?

Here is a simple "test" that will help you come to the right conclusion.
1. All coloring pictures are large and without small details.
2. The images in the coloring page are specific and easily recognizable, they are cute, cheerful and interesting.
3. A broad contour line will hide the natural errors of the "works" of the youngest child's uncertain hand.
4. The outlines of the pictures are smooth without any complex angles and curves, so it will be easy for the child to repeat their own figure in the outline picture.
5. Coloring drawings evoke a strong emotional reaction and invite him to draw.

Coloring page: 2024 New Year's top hat

On New Year's Eve, the top hat with glasses and the number 2024 drawn on the hat is a must. This image is used to make this decoration that you can use as a mask, by cutting out the shape of the eyes.

Coloring page to make a top hat with a New Year's mask 2024

Click on the image "New Year's hat 2024" to enlarge it and download the coloring page for free in PDF format.

The positive effects of coloring

The coloring of images has a positive effect on creativity, motor skills, on the child’s thinking, trains perseverance and attention, which will definitely be useful in school. We pay special attention to the sections of educational coloring pages, with the help of which can learn numbers, colors, simple geometric shapes and the alphabet .
Not all coloring pages will be equally useful for children 2-5 years. Features of the "correct" scalable coloring:
• the image contains a pronounced central object (cartoon character, flower, letter);
• the image is simple and concise, does not contain unnecessary details;
• objects and subobjects are evenly distributed in the sheet space;
• The story coloring pages (fairy tale scene, cartoon) must contain meaning, idea.

These rules also include exceptions related to the sex or age of the child. For example, girls 6, 7 years old will be much more interested in coloring detailed images of female characters.

Tips for choosing coloring pages

The question of choosing a children’s coloring drawing can not be defined unilaterally. On the one hand there are recommendations and on the other they sometimes contradict common sense and logic. Ideally, it is advisable to choose images with your child, so that you can download and print in A4 the best free coloring pages for children. We’ll take the liberty of directing your thoughts.

Age (0-2 years) boys and girls

At this age it is worth using coloring pages to develop motor skills. Choose images that contain large objects or objects from nature (e.g. fruits and animals). Note it is preferable that children give brushes and colors, helping them to work on the choice of color (drawing with pencils or felt-tip pens requires a lot of effort).

Età (3-5 anni)

Remember to choose educational coloring pages, painted with dots and numbers, images with geometric shapes, numbers or letters of the alphabet will be a great option. Children aged 3 to 5 years can be very moody. Try to diversify your child’s hobbies as much as possible, then he will be happy to paint!

Age (3-5 years) Children

Give the boy simple pictures with his favorite cartoon characters: "Cars", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Spider-Man ". An excellent choice would be the coloring of superheroes, robots, cars and vehicles.

Age (3-5 years) Girls

Girls should also pay attention to cartoons: "The little mermaid", "Snow White", "Monster School", "Winx ". Give your daughter some simple images to choose from (when working with complex images, enthusiasm can fade quickly).

Age (from 5 years)

At this age, give your child the opportunity to independently choose an image to color. These can be: detailed cartoon images (heroes, scenes, plots), landscapes, drawings with animals and holidays. Among the teaching aids we mention: the English alphabet, countries and symbols, mathematics and more. Focus on the interests of your children!

Happy New Year 2024 coloring page, welcome to the new year

Coloring page, welcome to the new year! The newborn 2024 has arrived, with bottle and suitcase is ready to replace the old year. Cute and cheerful design all coloring for the little ones.

Happy New Year coloring page, welcome to new year 2024!

Click on the image "Coloring drawing Happy New Year 2024", to enlarge it and download for free in PDF format the coloring drawing.

What else would you like to teach your child?

Do not think that coloring for children develops only imagination and motor skills. What else parents can teach a child by coloring pages is:
- Perform certain actions on a task: sequential coloring of the elements calms and leads to perseverance;
- Cleaning: We will learn to have the brushes washed after each color mixing and change the water in the cup, remember to clean the table and store all the colors and pencils neatly when they are finished;
- Thanks: for each design it is good to encourage and enhance the work done and over time select the best and hang them on the refrigerator or wall. Select the most beautiful and high-quality pictures together with the child, let him tell them why he likes one image more than another. It will teach you to understand that it can always do better.

Coloring page: let’s toast the new year 2024

New Year’s toast with champagne at midnight! Coloring page with champagne bottle smiling full of bubbles with glass to toast the new year. The design celebrates the new year with a nice toast with champagne.

Coloring page celebrates the new year with champagne toast

Click on the image "toast to the new year 2024", to enlarge it and download for free in PDF format, the coloring page.

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