Video greeting HAPPY 2024 in 6 languages

Happy New Year greetings in 6 languages: French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, German.
The video shows the texts in the different languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish, etc.), The texts of the various languages light up once.

video to wish best wishes for this new year

A great video that you can send to almost anyone

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Here is a short list if we want to know and learn how to wish a happy new year 2024 not in all the languages of the world, but in the most spoken or in any case the most common languages, let's have fun and by the end of the year we will become polyglot.
Happy New Year in English: Happy New Year
Happy New Year in French: Bonne Annee
Happy New Year in German: Ein gutes neues Jahr
Happy New Year in Greek: Eutychismenos or kainourgios chronos
Happy New Year in Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese: Feliz ano novo
Happy New Year in Spanish: Feliz año nuevo
Happy New Year in Norwegian: Godt Nyttår
Happy New Year in Romanian: La mulţi ani
Happy New Year in Slovak and Czech: Šťastný Nový Rok
Happy New Year in Swedish: Gott Nytt År
Happy New Year in Polish: Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku
Happy New Year in Chinese: Xīnnián kuàilè


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Image with black background and text created with colorful floral pattern with Merry Christmas and Happy 2024 text
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Modern style image of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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