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Every year it seems that the end of the year is coming sooner and sooner, in a moment comes December, Christmas and New Year. The photo was born precisely from this apparent speed of the New Year's alternation. A seal with a very comical expression and wonder when the other seal says: But do you know that we are almost already on New Year's Eve? In reality, it is not so much the clarity with which we arrive at the speed with which we spend the holidays that amazes us so much. offers us day by day. An advice? let's try to live every moment intensely, dinners, Christmas lunch, being together in the family, gifts, wishes, everything is lived fully, only in this way will the holidays really last, even after they are over!

humorous photo New Year: But you know that we are almost already New Year again.

Fun photo to share for New Year's Eve.

Even before the holidays we can start exchanging funny pictures and photos like these, to create the festive atmosphere and already enter the end of the year period. They are not true New Year's greetings but they serve to relax and smile on the year-end catchphrases, Are we already on New Year's Eve another time?
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