Texts and greeting cards to send per New Year to your loved ones

Nice phrases for your friends, your partner, your family ... How do you celebrate the holiday season? There are those who prefer to take a trip while enjoying their holidays and there are those who meet their relatives or friends during holiday dinners and lunches. However, it's a great time to share, be generous, and most importantly, be happy to be surrounded by the people who love us the most.
And, like every year, your mobile will be filled with ingenious congratulations and messages that will bring you more than a smile when you least expect it.
What happens if you send a nice message this time too? If you are unsure which phrases to choose, on this page we offer you many beautiful ideas and tips to wish a special Christmas and a wonderful New Year to your loved ones.

Who can you send a nice phrase for Merry Christmas and New Year?

Before choosing one of the phrases that you can send or share on social networks, you need to have some essential points that are more than clear. First of all, it is knowing who you will send the sentence to, because, as you know, it is not the same thing to send it to your great love as to your best friend. Here are the people you can send it to:

- To your partner: whether it's your first Christmas together or you've spent a lot together, your partner will appreciate that you remember her or him and have had a time to send her a nice sentence. Take the opportunity to express your feelings and wish him great happiness with love, affection and all the love you have. She will love it!
- To your friends: your best friends can't be outdone, and we are sure that with one of these phrases you will get a lot of smiles. Keep in mind those who are not close to you because they live in another city or because on these dates you will not be able to see them. Remind them what they mean to you and show your good mood with a funny message.
- To your loved ones: the family is made up of those who love us for the simple fact of having the same blood. You certainly can't spend the holidays with everyone as you would like, but surely everyone would appreciate that you spend some of your time wishing them the best of the holiday season.
Take note of some phrases and make your missives!
- To your colleagues: you spend most of your time with your colleagues and, therefore, many of them are your friends. That's why it doesn't hurt that you have time for them, pick a phrase that represents you and send it to them.
What if I sent it to your boss too? It will be a detail that he certainly does not expect. but it will be appreciated.
- For people with whom you do not have many relationships: we are sure that in the profiles of your social networks or on your mobile there are contacts with whom you do not have too many relationships .
Every year you get a message from them and this time you are willing to respond. Choose one of these phrases and you will have done your duty as an acquaintance.

How to send a messages Christmas or New Year

All the ways to send a wish
Once you know the sentence you're going to send and the person you're going to dedicate your words to, you need to know how you can send it. You probably just think about sending it via WhatsApp, but what if we tell you that you have many other ways? Pay attention to the ones we offer you!
- For mobile phone: Of course, our first option for sending a Christmas phrase is via the mobile phone, as we said earlier. The immediacy of the technology makes it the perfect ally, especially if you send it to someone who lives away from home or because you prefer to do everything faster. In any case, your mobile will help you to send this greeting message to the person you want in the simplest and most immediate way possible.
- Par mail: But not only the mobile is the best option. Another that we offer you is through a beautiful letter written in your handwriting. You can also send a postcard or a beautiful Christmas card that you can buy at any store or even make it yourself! We are sure that the person who receives it will never forget the thought you had with him. Think for a moment of the surprise of receiving, in these digital times, a letter in physical form, if you are young it is very likely that this is your first wish received from the hands of the postman! Today this is truly an original thing.
- Somewhere in your own house: You may want to send a Christmas phrase to someone who lives with you, such as your parents or roommates. In this case, you can write the sentence in a sticky note and paste it somewhere in the house. You can also write it on the mirror, with a lipstick or a colored marker (not indelible !!) if you live with your partner and want to give him a beautiful and romantic surprise. You decide how to do it!
- Next to a Christmas present: In addition to being synonymous with celebration, Christmas is also a gift. It is a time when the exchange of gifts is more common, not only with the smallest in the house, but also with the oldest. Gifts for your partner, for your father, for your best friend, the guest at the dinner ... All these people can receive, in addition to their gift, a sentence written by you in which you capture all your emotions.
- Par email: If it's someone from your workplace, like a colleague, we can think of a very original way to send your Christmas phrase. If it's a job that requires you to open the email every day, you can create a beautiful creative email next to the phrase and send it through this channel. What do you think of this idea? Do you have the courage to do it?

Finished! With these tips and tricks, as well as the phrase you choose, you send Christmas wishes for whoever you want. Which will you choose?
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Christmas is a very happy time of year, especially for the little ones at home.
Children look forward to these dates with great joy and, of course, hope to find a Christmas tree full of gifts in their homes.
Some receive them on the night of December 24th, while others wait until January 6th. In Italy, for example, it is the Epiphany that brings many gifts or charcoal to those who were a little spiteful on the night of January 6th.
And although there are two characters best known by all (Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men) who are responsible for delivering these gifts, the truth is that Santa Claus and the wise men of the East do not arrive in all countries of the world.
But calm down! This does not mean that someone is left without gifts. Let's face it, not only children love to receive gifts, adults too, and the best thing is that if you care so much about someone you can give them a gift. For adults it is often better to give a gift than to receive it.
For the New Year, a card with a beautiful phrase, an invitation to celebrate, but also to call a friend and have a coffee together to discuss New Year's plans and 2024, may be the best of all gifts. It's cheap but comes from the heart!

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