Image cake celebrations 2024 with candles

The New Year is in fact the birthday of the new year or, seen from another perspective, the birth of the new year. In all cases it must be celebrated with cake and candles, here is the illustration depicting this concept, yes a blue background, a big 2024 on top with a candle flame on each number, and happy new year in different languages of the world, all for wish your friends a happy 2024 in an original way.

Image cake celebrations 2024 with candles

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Wishes 2024 for a magical new year

Not only dreaming and sleeping peacefully but in the new year awake and do not be afraid.
In the new year I will ask to make a promise to all my good friends to always have a smile on their face.
I will not say happy birthday, because everyone says it, but I will say happy birthday to you for a lifetime.
Whatever fits the dream and whatever your mind takes, may the new year that is coming bring you joy.
2024 will arrive soon and I will send together with my best wishes: Health, love and euro to your home. Happy New Year!
I send you two thousand twenty-three wishes with love only to live always, to never know pain.
No matter how many wishes you make up your mind, I hang them in the stars tonight, and may the flowers be born at dawn and harvest whatever you want.
I wish you a big wish for the new year.
May only happiness knock on your door in this 2024!
New year that you will enter, I hope you succeed, not to bring sadness and to shower us with beautiful joys.
May the caravan of joy come to your home when the weather changes from the old into the new year. Happy New Year!
I wish you only for this year that you will experience so many joys that you can also give them to others.
I need a new alphabet to create beautiful words and describe all the wishes I want to write to you. Happy 2024.
Dear 2024 in which today you send the first ray to earth, every day a party, every minute a hope for a better tomorrow.
I wish my best wishes to the people I love, hoping that they will all be satisfied.
How many stars can man count so many times I wish you a blessed year. Happy New Year.
Life is a garden, joys to plant in the new year waiting for them to bloom and for everyone, friends and relatives, to enjoy its beauty and scent. Happy New Year!
The new year that has come from so far to bring you what the old did not have time to leave you. Happy 2024!
I wish you a thousand joys that the new year will bring, so that you find reasons in all situations to see the positive side of each event. Have a good year.