Breakfast cup with engraved text HAPPY 2022.

If the right day starts with a good breakfast, the new year can also start with a special breakfast. Here is a breakfast cup dedicated to January 1, 2022, with the printed message "HAPPY 2022".
And after such a difficult 2021 for everyone, we really need a truly NEW year, leaving behind Covid-19 with all the consequences it has brought: economy, distancing, health emergency, lost affections. You can send this breakfast with a cup of milk and coffee with a croissant to your friends with the best wishes of the year, we can also suggest a gift idea: have a mug printed with a welcome text and a photo in company and a nice gift for the new year 2022.

Breakfast cup with Happy 2022 text

Breakfast cup with text Happy 2022 in black with gold edges

If you want this New Year to feel like a fragrant breakfast in bed, here's a cool photo of good wishes.

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